Aqua Facial

AquaFacial Professional Unit with 6 modalities by Timeless Evolution top-of-the-line technology, and marvelous results! 6 step Timeless Evolution Aqua Facial is professional device for procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliating and extraction, with farther more more deep tissue stimulation and nano mesotherapy feature- one of kind facial unit. -Aqua Suction/extraction - Fine Jet Stream -3D Microcurrent Roller -Bicorneal RF - Nano Infusion Mesotherapy -Cryotherapy Hammer -Exfoliation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Because peels slough away dead skin cells, cellular debris and environmental impurities from the skin’s surface, they are often used to brighten and clarify tired, sun-damaged and congested complexions. But many exfoliating treatments and chemical peels can be irritating and dehydrating, especially for sensitive skin types. Removing the skin’s top layer can leave newly exposed skin cells vulnerable to dehydration as well as strip the skin’s barrier function. But a new peel treatment called the Aquabrasion has gained popularity because of its ability to prevent these side effects using a chemical-free approach. Using cooling, high-pressure water to resurface the skin and flush out pores, the Aquabrasion exfoliates while infusing moisture and oxygen into the skin. This treatment has been described as being “a car wash for your face” or “a pressucleaning”, but while these comparisons are unglamorous, the results of the Aquabrasion are that of beauty revelry. Like conventional Microdermabrasion, the Aquabrasion is a manual exfoliant using a machine with customizable settings to tailor the depth and intensity of the peel to your skin type. But instead of aluminum-derived crystals, it uses jets of saline solution to abrade the skin. It uses a high precision wand that mists the skin with an intensive stream of water as its peel. This clears away surface skin buildup, smooths fine lines, flushes out stubborn blackheads, and infuses oxygen particles into the skin’s dermis layer. A cooling, painless treatment, it is the perfect antidote to summer heat, resurfacing the skin without causing redness or irritation. This new exfoliating technology is excellent for treating acne breakouts and skin aging without the discomfort traditionally associated with peels. Using water, it cools the skin’s surface and does not create heat, thus reducing the incidence of inflammation. This also provides a less friction-based peel, making the abrasion more comfortable and pain-free. The Aquabrasion’s mechanisms exfoliate while blasting the skin with moisture, preventing and treating dehydration. This is one of the reasons that the treatment helps with anti-aging. Along with this boosting of hydration, it promotes firmness and tone. The pressure from the Aquabrasion jets increase collagen production. This is because the skin responds to stimulation and subtle trauma by regenerating stronger and healthier. Along with this, the peeling saline mist creates microscopic openings in the epidermis that helps to push oxygen into the skin, making complexions feel plumper and more firm almost right away. The Aquabrasion is also used to clear up acne. The saline solution disinfects surface bacteria, clarifying and purifying the blemished skin types. It also works to reduce the redness of inflamed breakouts. The cooling properties of this exfoliation soothe pimple-prone complexions while ridding them of microbes and pore impurities. Aquabrasion treatments typically are half an hour to an hour in duration and can be done in combination with other facial services. Sessions can be done once per month for skin maintenance or in a series of five or ten, every two weeks when targeting specific skin problems. Always consult a skin professional or esthetician to determine if this treatment is safe and appropriate for your specific skin type.